Snowbound starship

Acrylic on Board, 10"x12". A long way in the future an ice covered rocket with crew returning from explorations. A galaxy glows in the background. Even at this advanced stage we are at the mercy of the whims of nature.


I am mostly self-taught but the influence of a Degree in Graphic Design can sometimes be evident in my art. My preferred medium is acrylic as it behaves the way I think paint should - but pastel, charcoal, oil and digital also feature among my work.

To me painting is a form of expression, of conveying my thoughts and demonstrating wonder and respect for - well, the universe basically.

This is admittedly a rather large subject but there is a wealth of inspiration from its infinite vastness down to its microscopic perfection.

I want to show people the way I see things and why I find them fascinating. People often comment on the detail in my work, but its the subject itself that I want people to consider. For me the effects of light and shadow, textures and colours are an integral and fascinating part of the portrayal of these subjects.

Likewise reflections and refractions in water to mist and fog are attractive subjects to me. In fact water is a frequent theme I am drawn to in its many forms and guises and provides a virtually limitless area to explore. I find the best way to express my wonder, and to understand things around us, is by painting it.

I am a member of the International Association of Astronomical Artists (IAAA) and a few other art societies and groups. I have also been a director of a small London art gallery. Some of my Space Art has been exhibited around the UK and even at NASA. I have also held or participated in local and national exhibitions and over the years some magazine articles and corporate publications have also featured my work. One of my artworks has been published as a book cover. I have participated in local community projects and I frequently undertake commissions on a variety of subjects and sell original art to private buyers.

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