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Superhero Fiction

Superhero Fiction in text-based form is a subgenre that takes the capes, masks, and moral quandaries commonly found in comic books and graphic novels and translates them into prose. It's where the superhuman and the supernatural meet the typewriter, giving readers the chance to explore the psychological, emotional, and sometimes even the bureaucratic aspects of being a hero (or a villain) without the distraction of splashy illustrations.

Often borrowing tropes from science fiction and fantasy, this subgenre doesn't just settle for straightforward battles between good and evil. It frequently delves into complex themes such as identity, responsibility, and the societal implications of having god-like powers. These are not just tales of extraordinary abilities but also explorations of human fragility and ethical complexity, all dressed up in spandex and heroic monologues.

Whether it's an ensemble cast like in the "Wild Cards" series, where powers can be as much a curse as they are a gift, or standalone novels that probe the life of a single hero, Superhero Fiction offers a narrative depth that sometimes even the most intricate graphic novel can't provide. Ideal for those who love their heroes with a side of introspection, or for anyone who's ever wondered just how Superman might cope with a midlife crisis.

  • The Violent Century by Lavie Tidhar
  • The Violent Century by Lavie Tidhar