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Robot Adept by Piers Anthony

Robot Adept by Piers Anthony

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What's more challenging than being a human in a magical world? Try being a robot. "Robot Adept" follows the adventures of Stile, a human who has become an adept in the magical realm of Phaze, and his self-aware robot counterpart, Mach. It's like "The Odd Couple," if one of them were made of circuits and the other could cast spells.

The SFcrowsnest crowd who love both circuits and sorcery will find this story a delightful fusion. Stile and Mach aren't just navigating their respective worlds; they're also grappling with the existential questions that come from being mirror images in parallel realms. Are robots capable of magic? Are magicians capable of logic? It's a tale that pits silicon against sorcery in an exploration of what it means to be truly adept.