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Greetings, fellow earthling, time-traveler, dimension-shifter, or whatever species you represent. Welcome to the SFcrowsnest Bookstore, the newest star in our vast cosmic expanse. Yes, the rumours are true. After showcasing the best of science fiction, fantasy, and horror for thirty-two intergalactic years as the first online magazine over at SFcrowsnest.info, we've decided to open our very own affiliate-linked bookstore. Why, you ask? Because books are our horcruxes, our infinity stones, our horadric cubes, and every other magical entity you can think of.

A Brief Space-time Jump into Our Past

Remember the AppleLink bulletin board system from 1991? Ah, the days when telegrams and pigeons were considered fast. That's where our adventure began. From pioneering on AppleLink, a pet project of the legendary Steve Jobs, to pioneering CD cover-mounts, SFcrowsnest then took the quantum leap onto the world-wide-web in 1994. We've been there, done that, and almost printed the T-shirts (though, spoiler alert, we did have a brief stint as a print mag).

If the internet had its own Jurassic Park, we'd be the Elasmosaur splashing around in Loch Ness. That's right, the asteroid tried, but we dodged it like Neo dodged bullets.

Our Mission? Simple.

While our spirit soars amidst galaxies, black holes, and eldritch realms, our feet remain firmly grounded. As an online magazine, SFcrowsnest has always been by the fans, for the fans. We're the benevolent A.I. in a world filled with Skynets—run by volunteers, always free, and surviving on the passion of fans across the globe (and maybe some otherworldly realms too).

But let’s be honest: the road hasn't been paved with gold. In fact, we've made a loss every year for our entire thirty-two-year voyage. Those golden days when Google Ads covered our expenses? They’ve been sucked into a wormhole.

Support Our Cosmic Journey.

So, if you've enjoyed our interstellar ramblings over the years and want to keep our spaceship fueled, welcome to our bookstore! Browse our comprehensive list of major genre authors, sorted by author, subgenre, the freshest releases, and the timeless classics. By buying through our portal, not only will you embark on a fantastical reading journey, but you'll also help keep our Elasmosaur swimming. Each purchase through our Amazon affiliate links sends a few space credits our way, ensuring that our volunteers can spend more of their own hard-earned Galactic Groats on coffee and less on web hosting.

To infinity, beyond, and then some more. Thank you for being part of the SFcrowsnest universe.

While the SFcrowsnest Book Store serves as your personal guide to the literary cosmos, the platform does earn affiliate income from the external bookstores linked to it. This revenue aids in maintaining and improving the store, ensuring it remains your reliable launchpad for interstellar literary adventures.