Book a sponsorship advert on the SFcrowsnest Store.

Advertising on the SFcrowsnest Store

There are currently two types of adverts running on the SFcrowsnest Store.

These are:

(a) The oblong-shaped banner adverts which appear on an individual search result page.

These are fed into us by external ad networks of decent repute: often AdWords, and Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads). You should book banner adverts directly through these third parties (we can't do it on your behalf).

(b) The square-shaped sponsorship ads which appear on all other pages in blocks of four.

Sponsorship ads are available as a perk to bid on for our supporters via Patreon and similar benefactor platforms. To qualify to bid, you be a current supporting member of good standing for at least two months.

Each month, an auction is held for both specific categories, and run-of-site (any categories that didn't receive a bid). The four supporters who bid highest for a specific category receive an advert slot in that category for the calendar month.

Winning bidders must supply a sponsorship image 125 pixels x 125 pixels in .jpg or .png format (.gifs are no longer supported), and the URL you want to link to.

If you bid successfully, your advert will appear alongside the three other successful bidders.

Please note, we don't offer a tracking system and advertising console. You will need to track advert clicks/conversions solely at your own web site's end. We don't track or log our users. We therefore can't supply you with any reports and stats on how many users saw or interacted with your sponsorship ad.

If you set up a specific landing page - e.g. - you are welcome to link your advert graphic to that and monitor sales/views etc at your end.

Please note, there's a list below of products and services we don't accept.


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Products and services we don't accept sponsorship ads for.

Adult services and products
Alcohol and drinks.
Auctions for a penny.
Automobile modification products that are illegal.
Copyright and brands you don't own.
Counterfeit merchandise.
Documents that are not authentic.
Drug testing.
Drugs on Prescription.
Drugs used for recreational purposes.
Exam preparation services.
Explosives and weapons, including blades and knives.
Gambling, bookies, bingo, and casinos.
Loans for individuals.
Malware and spyware.
Masks for the face.
Medications available over-the-counter.
Multi-Level Marketing (MLM).
Personal, political, and religious content that is derogatory.
Pharmacies on the internet.
Products containing tobacco.
Services for fake social media followers.
Services for subscription.
Set-Top boxes that aren't authorized.
Sexual and reproductive health.
Short-term and payday loans.
Supplements that aren't safe.
Surveillance and hacking.
Surveillance cameras and equipment.

Basically, we don't accept ads for anything dodgy, harmful or that might be used to fleece our readers - our decision in this matter is final, and our opinion is the only one that matters.